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2019 Year End Review
DonEdwards web

After a difficult year in 2018 for both stocks and bonds, the U.S. capital markets roared back in 2019 with strong gains across the board. The bond market posted gains as interest rates dropped throughout the year. Stock indices in the U.S. are near record territory, recovering from last year’s losses and extending the bull market run that started in 2009.

We have talked a lot the past couple of years about this bull market in stocks. From its beginning back in March of 2009, the bull market is now 129 months old, a record for the U.S. stock market. During this run, the market has had 14 drops of at least 5% and 6 drops of at least 10%. The steady growth of the U.S. economy has fueled this climb as there have been no recessions during the past ten years. The bull lives on.

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