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2017 Year End Review
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Another year in the books. 2017 ended with strong equity markets as the eight-year bull market continued to impress. Global stocks did especially well as economic conditions improved around the world. The bond market produced small gains, as it has for the past few years, as the prospect for rising interest rates kept gains in check. The equity markets experienced relatively low volatility, with the best one day gain for stocks during the year being 1.4% back in March, while the worst one day drop was a loss of 1.8% back in May.

We pointed out a year ago that the current economic expansion is one of the longest expansions since World War II. A year later nothing has changed. Economic growth has continued as has new job creation. Corporate earnings remain strong and most measures of economic activity continue to look good. Based on the economic data we are seeing, an economic recession seems unlikely in the upcoming year.

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