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GREENCASTLE, IN, -- Annually, each Putnam County elementary school receives cash grants of $1,000 to provide medical and educational assistance to any student who needs help. This money comes from the Mary Allison Children's Trust Fund.

"When all other resources have been exhausted, this fund provides for healthcare, education and welfare for underprivileged children in Putnam County. The funds are unrestricted, meaning school officials can use them for any purpose as long as it benefits the students," says Board President Jim Jackson. Community and school members came together recently for the annual Mary Allison Children's Fund luncheon sponsored by Wabash Capital and First National Bank. At this function school administrators and counselors share stories about how the fund helps children from their schools.

TERRE HAUTE, IN, -- Ginger Scott has successfully completed the training, validation and testing necessary to become a Registered Fiduciary™. The Registered Fiduciary™ ("RF™") Certification identifies financial professionals and organizations as competent fiduciaries that have achieved pertinent educational qualifications and licenses, learned required skills, and have passed a background check.

The RF™ award to Ms. Scott, who serves as Wabash Capital's retirement plan specialist, recognizes particular skills advising as an Investment Fiduciary/ERISA Section 3 (38) Investment Manager. In addition to providing investment advice to retirement plans, Ms. Scott provides wealth management and retirement planning services.